Prefinished wooden floors Oficina

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The Progetti Line has been enhanced; a new set of completely new floors and of carefully researched design has been created. Hence, the Oficina series was born, featuring an innovative mineralizing treatment that reacts each time in a different way with wood, creating colors and nuances that make each plank unique. The series consists of six models of prefinished wooden floor in two layers, available in versions: Oficina 33, Oficina 58, Oficina 42, Oficina 65, Oficina 99. All models are made of oak boards in rustic choice, brushed and water wax effect varnished, 14 mm thick with 4 mm of top layer and they can be supplied in different lengths (from 800 to 2400 mm) and widths (90 to 200mm). These brand new floors, recently entered to be part of the already wide range of Garbelotto parquet, are perfect for those who love the vintage furniture or industrial one, they give life to sophisticated and modern interiors, which make extensive use of gray scales and of old style finishes.

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