Prefinished wood floors

Garbelotto Listofloor

Listo-Floor® is a prefinished two-layers line with a thickness of 10 or 14 mm, 4 mm of which are of noble wood. Available in 5 models Classic, Maxi, Super, Grand and Gold in different dimensions, wood species and treatments of the surface. The installation is glued and simple as well as its cleaning and maintenance.

Garbelotto Master Floor

Master-Floor® is a 2-3 layer prefinished line with 14 or 16 mm thickness, 4/6 mm of which are in noble wood. It is available in 4 models Elegant, Classic, Big Old and Prestige of different dimensions, wood species and surface treatments. Master Floor prefinished parquet guarantees stability, resistance, ease and elegance.

Garbelotto Masselli

A peculiar and unique way of drying process allowed us to realize i Masselli® Line. It proposes prefinished solid oak boards, ready to be layed, with 12 exclusive finishes. The boards are made of wood in full thickness, bevelled on 4 sides and brushed. The 12 models have been named thinking about our special city, Venice, city of art, beauty, tradition, known all over the world for its value. This elegant product is finished with oil and it is suitable for bio-building because it is completely natural.

Garbelotto gli Antichi

If those floors could talk they would tell us about past lives. Antique wood, handily restored, selected and treated is ready to be installed in houses where echoes of past times mix with the present ones. This line is available on 3 layer prefinished parquet of reclaimed Oak, Elm, Larch and Fir, 16 mm thickness in various lengths and widths, hand-finished with natural waxes. Restored floors which are timeless and unique!

Garbelotto i Tavolati

Master Floor present the exclusive lines “I Tavolati”, a 3-layer product. Tavolati by Master Floor: the art to discover the warm wood personality. Natural clays, ancient instruments, exclusive by hands treatments on each boards makes those floors works of art.

Garbelotto i Progetti

Master Floor’s Research and Development departments, putting together different finishings and treatments, have created the Collection line. This line represents exclusive treatments of the surface as the saw cut, the texture, pearly or ochre pickled, or pad waxing. The boards are supplied in different widths so that to create a particular installation. All this to obtain a collection floor!

Garbelotto Coolection

Our technicians, who are always looking for ideas that stimulate both visually and tactile new sensations, have created this line: i progetti. The floors we propose to our clients are unique and innovative, since our philosophy guides us towards a continuous research of new emotions.

Garbelotto Coolection

The line I Gessi (Chalks) , that suggests old time wooden floors, with very narrow sizes (7 cm width) and up to 1.80 m long, is characterized by 6 trendy shades, from the grey ones as Graphite, Lavagna (blackboard), and Fossil versions, to the lighter tones as Botticino, White Star and Royal Grey.

Garbelotto Coolection

The Progetti Line has been enhanced; a new set of completely new floors and of carefully researched design has been created. Hence, the Oficina series was born, featuring an innovative mineralizing treatment that reacts each time in a different way with wood, creating colors and nuances that make each plank unique.