Artistic wooden floors Creator

pavimenti in legno artistici pavimenti in legno artistici

Inspired by antique and prestigious dwellings, this line is suitable for any kind of room that wants to be peculiar, from the most modern to the classical one. Our CREATOR® line is enriched with laser inlays and timeless paintings, for a floor which is never out of fashion. The high quality of the product is guaranteed by the experience of our craftsmen who, as in the old times, make by hand each square. Everything is prepared to allow a quick and easy installation and obtaining in this way a spectacular effect.

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Available in the following variants:

  • Regina Caterina

    Regina Caterina
  • Regina Cleopatra

    Regina Cleopatra
  • Regina Elisabetta

    Regina Elisabetta
  • Regina Isabella

    egina Isabella
  • Regina Margherita

    Regina Margherita
  • Regina Maria

    Regina Maria
  • Regina Sofia

    Regina Sofia
  • Regina Vittoria

    Regina Vittoria