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For years now we have chosen to focus on certified quality to guarantee our customers an excellent product. This way we can create products that combine the beauty and elegance in technical and production recognized by certification bodies in charge, in accordance with Community legislation, the environment and the Made in Italy.

The route taken over the years has anticipated market trends enabling us to gain a huge advantage especially for technological innovation and biocompatibility of our products.

Garbelotto Floor Master and use only raw materials producers who do not exploit the environment and respect people, giving priority to suppliers who demonstrate their social responsibility by selling timber that comes from controlled reforestation areas. This is why we exclusively use raw materials from safe and certified sources.

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CE certification is guarantee of reliability and safety, which respects European Laws

Istituto tutela dei produttori

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers has certified that our parquets are entirely produced in Italy in accordance with the high quality standards of the real Italian manufacture. Certification: Master Floor No 341.039.V. Certification: Garbelotto No 340.039.V

Upon request we can provide FSC® (ICILA-COC-000453) certified products. The FSC Logo attests that the wood comes from forests which are responsibly managed following high environmental, social and economic standards.

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Cfl-s1 certificato

Garbelotto and Master Floor parquets are Cfl-s1 class certified for fire reaction according to CE Regulation. For this reason our parquets can be installed in public spaces without any further certificates.

Codice trasparenza

“Codice Trasparenza Parquet” is a self-regulation and control organization coordinated by FederlegnoArredo. www.codicetrasparenzaparquet.org


In view of a strategy of economic and technological development, which pays great attention to the environment, our companies have joint the CHART OF PRINCIPLES FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, established by Confindustria and FederlegnoArredo, with deep enthusiasm. This chart represents a set of rules and commitments for environmental and social preservation.

Classe E1

Our birch multilayer is classified as E1 class for formaldehyde release.

Consorzio filiera

Consorzio Filiera Legno Veneto (Wood Veneto Consortium) aims to enhance quality of all Venetian companies operating in the sector of wood. One of the main purposes of the Consorzio is to contribute to the development of the field of woodworking, encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives, increasing efficiency, productivity and image of the Consortium members; providing assistance for research in order to promote technological development and business.