Parquet flooring in the kitchen: a dream to reality with a few tricks!

9 June


We often think that the wooden floor is a coating that is designed only to certain house areas, particularly those where there isn’t the possibility  to particularly dirty or ruin it.

Parquet flooring in the kitchen, briefly, seems to be for many people still a taboo. Yet, with the appropriate attention,  the wooden floor can also be used safely in the most important room in the house!

The fear that moisture and stains can ruin parquet brings so many people to choose, just as a tradition and as an habit, tile coverings. However, there is not nothing to fear:  water, if not stagnant, does not damage the wood.

Anyone wishing to lay a wooden floor in the kitchen, perhaps because it is an open space with the hall, as it often happens in the newest flats,  can opt for very stable wood varieties, such as Oak, Doussie , Merbau, Iroko and Teak. These are essences characterized by high hardness, which makes them particularly suitable for humid environments. All of these indications, in fact, are not only valid for the choice of the parquet to be installed in the kitchen, but also for the one to be laid in the bathroom.

We have also to consider the finishes that best suit the wood to be installed in a kitchen, such as sealants applied to the floor in order  to be isolated, as the Master Wax Seal, available transparent, antique and white or products for maintenance.

And, why not, the parquet flooring in the kitchen can reach places difficult to imagine, as the walls. It is more and more present, in fact, the trend where the  wood is  used as boiserie, splash guard behind the stove and the sink.

Just a few small precautions, then, to bring the wood floor in the kitchen and it  is no longer a dream but a pleasant common reality!