Cersaie 2017, the nature of wood is ever more protagonist

10 October


We have experienced many emotions during these five days of Cersaie, thanks to the people’s affection and above all thanks to the warm welcome that the public has reserved to the many latest products we have presented during this 2017 edition.
From September 25th to September 29th, lots of Italian and foreign authorized personnel rushed our booth, a sign of the growing concern that our company enjoys globally and a demonstration of how true Made in Italy is looked for.

Clip Up System® was the protagonist of our booth, it was installed on all paved surfaces, giving the opportunity to all visitors to see and touch the great reliability of this innovative laying system. The various certifications obtained have allowed it to attract the attention of professionals who have included it in the specifications of prestigious contracts.
In the past few weeks, the new Clip Up System® site was also online, and there, you can find all the required information, download the technical data sheets, view the videos of its realizations, and much more.

The brand new Habitat finish has raised a great interest: it is almost imperceptible, leaving the wood its natural appearance, it fascinates eyes, touch and mind. In this way the wood remains almost raw at sight, but at the same time it becomes more durable and functional, perfect to combine the desire for elegance and for design.
With Habitat wood seems unfinished in order to keep its “essence”. It is ideal for those who love a context that respects simplicity, leaving this material the task of giving allure to the room.

At Cersaie, we have presented another important newness that is the new Xilema Line,
made with old “dead” trees. The logs of wood that were still standing or fallen naturally in the forests, often with bizarre shapes, are treated and recovered to produce a parquet with an antique appearance and with particular shades. These trunks, in fact, have already lost all the lymph that usually wood contains, and that is why color nuances are particularly suitable for environments that want to enhance the material in its original beauty. With this innovative product we also get a double ecological function: to keep the wood clean and to reuse a waste material. The Xilema Line, therefore, gives a real second life to wood, emphasizing an extraordinary material that gives, the space in which it is laid, a particular and timeless elegance.

The wall with the beautiful Dupla Herringbone, another new product by Garbelotto, was also taken into high consideration. This is a special Noblesse Herringbone (Hungarian) where the different dimension of the elements creates an original game that exalts the laying. Thanks to the changeable angulation, the various finishes and woody species you can use, you can really indulge yourself in choosing it and create the desired double-length composition.

Now that Cersaie is over, we will return to our daily work with new energies and new ideas, thinking of ever more innovative solutions, to respond in an ever-original way to our customers’needs.
The passion we put into our work and into collections will also accompany us in the design of new parquet that could do the beauty of wood justice.

Dukley Gardens: Perfect Union Between Architecture and Nature

10 July


Italian companies are renowned all over the world for their technical skills and creativity, and for the design that distinguish them. Garbelotto has this reputation in the international collaborations where he takes part: top-level achievements that allow to express to the fullest the capabilities of adapting to the prepared customers’ requests and demands of both quality of the product and the service offered by the company.

Among the most prestigious achievements we have been part of, one cannot forget the Dukley Gardens, a luxury resort in Budva, Montenegro, created by the cooperation of a pool of operators from different countries: the German NPS Tchoban Voss Architekten BDAAl, that cared for the architectural project; the architect Bogdan Slavica for the realization of the interiors; the US Turner Construction; the Montenegrin design studio Synthesis; and of course, Garbelotto the chosen partner for the supply of wooden floor.

Budva is considered the Montecarlo of the Adriatic, an enchanting place for its natural beauty and location; enriched by biodiversity in its unique vegetation, the wonderful beaches of Guvno and Tanga, Budva has a wonderful harbor with a yacht club, a SPA center, cafes and restaurants. It is also characterized by a traditional architecture that makes extensive use of stone, as one can admire in the old town.

The challenge was to build a luxury resort, nestled in a wild and rich wilderness peninsula, safeguarding the landscape and architectural traditions of the place. Dukley Gardens is, from this point of view, a winning bet thanks to all partners’ commitment and ability.
Most of the flora has been left in its natural splendor: pines, cypresses and olive trees of the site have been preserved. More than 5,000 new plant species have been added to the Dukley Gardens natural environment (also with ecological affinity). The exteriors are characterized by the use of the traditional stone of Budva, to ensure the aesthetic relationship with the surrounding environment; the entire complex works on the architectural level as a clever play between tradition and technology, between classical and contemporary trends. The structure slopes gently down to the seashore, respecting the landscape, and the 36 villas and 202 apartments are designed to immerse themselves in nature: the ocean-facing bedrooms disclose breathtaking views and at the same time they offer guests luxurious and personal interiors.

No surprise if in the Dukley Gardens the choice fell on the parquet: a material always capable of giving brightness and naturalness, above all in a context where modernity and tradition, beauty and history have to meet. Not a simple wooden floor anyway, but the prefinished Master Floor of Garbelotto. The attempt was to keep originality and organicity, so it was necessary to have a product that could adapt to different customizations, coming from select raw materials and completely free from harmful emissions. The Master Floor product has all these features, but the Dukley Gardens project needed a step further: the customization of the environments required different sizes and nuances, as well as the guarantee of treatments performed as a work of art, for a very high context level. For these reasons, Garbelotto produces in Veneto, in the province of Treviso, taking care of all the smallest details of the product, watching the tradition and the ability to innovate it.
It is a great pride for us to boast such an important and successful collaboration among our achievements.
Garbelotto is an ideal partner for large and small projects.

Garbelotto more and more social: we are also on Instagram!

12 June


In a field such as the design one, where the aesthetics and the pursuit of the beauty are always in the foreground, one can’t certainly do without paying particular attention to the visual part of communication, which tells our achievements in an elegant and detailed way, but at the same time it shows the backstage of our work, the hands of our masters and our craftsmen’s love for the wood.

For a few days, in fact, the story of what we do, has also been explained through our new Instagram account. Here, in addition to the images of our most beautiful designs and the details of the processing of our wooden floors, we want to give space to those who choose us every day as a partner, who give us confidence and decide to lay our parquet 100 % made in Italy.

Our aim is to give visibility to the realizations of our collaborators, the installers who rely on us, the references of our retailers, the homes of people who choose to walk on our parquet floors, to create an ever-expanding account, built with you day after day.

Start following us on Instagram and send us photos of your achievements.

We will be happy to share them on our social profiles!

Domotex 2017: great success for Clip Up System

19 January


The annual appointment with Domotex Hannover is always an important opportunity for visibility and comparison among the most important players in the flooring industry. Take part in an event of this kind is not only a way to showcase their products on an international respectable stage, but it is also the best way to feel the pulse of the market and understand what the future trend will be.

Also this year we were very proud to be present at this exhibition, and it was exciting to be chosen for the third time within the selection Innovations@Domotex, in this occasion with our new Clip Up System, which was welcomed in a very warm manner by the foreign market and the trade press.

Our innovative parquet laying system has been the focus of our stand, it had been positioned in the center where our technician installed and removed the floor during the day, in order to explain to those present how the new patent worked.

The entire stand was paved with a very elegant selection of square compositions in silver color, while the inner walls showed some of our most iconic products such as the European Walnut Noblesse Herringbone (Chevron) in two different sizes, a three color boiserie made with Oficina line, along with three new colors of I Gessi line and the new Materia 3.0, paneling made of first and second reclaimed wood veneer pine and fir tree, over 300 years old, very valuable and difficult to find.  Its peculiarity is the capacity to create a textured, three-dimensional effect which enhances even more the nature and chromaticity of the wood, creating unique and sophisticated atmospheres that fit successfully in mountain modern and contemporary spaces. Materia 3.0 is a product made by hand, piece by piece, fast and easy to assemble.

We warmly thank all the people who came to visit us in these days of the fair, who supported us every day and all the people who work with us to ensure our customers the excellence of 100% wood floors Made in Italy.

For more information, download our brochures at http://www.garbelotto.com/download-brochure/

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries : phone 0039 0438 580348 int. 9 or e-mail to benedetta@garbelotto.it or alessandra@garbelotto.it

Clip Up System conquers the jury of Innovations@DOMOTEX

7 December


It was selected from hundreds of projects to be displayed in the Innovations@Domotex from 14 to 17 January 2017, in the largest international exhibition dedicated to flooring: we are dealing with Clip Up System, our new patented installation system that allows you to install and remove the wooden floor quickly and easily, even to replace just a unique board.

 Continua a leggere …

Parquet flooring in the kitchen: a dream to reality with a few tricks!

9 June


We often think that the wooden floor is a coating that is designed only to certain house areas, particularly those where there isn’t the possibility  to particularly dirty or ruin it.

Parquet flooring in the kitchen, briefly, seems to be for many people still a taboo. Yet, with the appropriate attention,  the wooden floor can also be used safely in the most important room in the house!

The fear that moisture and stains can ruin parquet brings so many people to choose, just as a tradition and as an habit, tile coverings. However, there is not nothing to fear:  water, if not stagnant, does not damage the wood.

Anyone wishing to lay a wooden floor in the kitchen, perhaps because it is an open space with the hall, as it often happens in the newest flats,  can opt for very stable wood varieties, such as Oak, Doussie , Merbau, Iroko and Teak. These are essences characterized by high hardness, which makes them particularly suitable for humid environments. All of these indications, in fact, are not only valid for the choice of the parquet to be installed in the kitchen, but also for the one to be laid in the bathroom.

We have also to consider the finishes that best suit the wood to be installed in a kitchen, such as sealants applied to the floor in order  to be isolated, as the Master Wax Seal, available transparent, antique and white or products for maintenance.

And, why not, the parquet flooring in the kitchen can reach places difficult to imagine, as the walls. It is more and more present, in fact, the trend where the  wood is  used as boiserie, splash guard behind the stove and the sink.

Just a few small precautions, then, to bring the wood floor in the kitchen and it  is no longer a dream but a pleasant common reality!

The beauty will save the World: here it is the Fuorisalone video


Two months have passed since the end of the Salone del Mobile 2016, which saw us as protagonists on two occasions in the circuit of the events organized for FuoriSalone and we are still excited for the explosion of the emotions of those days.

The possibility to have shared spaces and moments of meeting with other  companies and prestigious professionals  was for us a source of pride, and it is this way even today.

Among these partnerships, it should be remembered the one  with Imago Design, who created the work that we had exposed at the event Parquet Art Gallery in Via Tortona.  “Dialogues” is a triumph of wood, where triangles of species, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes come together to create exchanges and contaminations, creating, as a matter of fact, dialogues, since the triangles are all different, but substantially identical in form, as we are.

With companies such as Vasco Group and Duscholux, then, we shared the Via Cerva spaces, where we had presented our flooring at the exhibition Beauty will save the world, organized by the architectural firm Nespoli Novara.

It was a unique opportunity to tell stories of rare beauty. Stories of men and women, the heart and soul of the furniture industry and design companies that, together with us, have exhibited inside the renowned Milanese space.

And today we take the opportunity to relive together with you all the emotions of that intense week with this beautiful video, which perfectly sums up the beauty of that experience.

Good vision.

Garbelotto: new logo in the name of tradition and Made in Italy

29 March


Made in Italy: an expression that conveys originality, tradition and quality of the Italian product all over the world Garbelotto is just the name of an Italian family, even before than a large company that produces parquet. It is also for this reason that we have chosen to make our name more and more protagonist in the company’s communications and its products worldwide.

In these days, in fact, we have renewed the design of our brand, with simplicity and elegance, and giving more and more importance to the values that have enabled us to become a flag of Made in Italy with our 55 year long history.

During the restyling of Garbelotto brand, we have chosen to give great value to the wonderful material that we work daily, that means wood. The “A”, in fact, is a way of laying the parquet, as well as it was present in the brand as early as 1950. The character, then, has been redesigned and simplified, making it more harmonious.

To the name Garbelotto we have chosen to integrate “Wooden floors“, which, in its simplicity, indicates the product that we work, bluntly, directly and effectively.

Compared to the previous version of the logo, it could not miss the reference to the Italian flag, that now it is even closer to the name. The Tricolour flag, in fact, represents both the roots and origins of the company, that is proud to produce 100% in Italy and that is ambassador in the world of the true certified Made in Italy product.

In a market increasingly geared towards foreign countries, let us not forget where we come from and wich are the values that have enabled us to become the company we are today.

Our parquet, our Interiors… Unique satisfactions

23 March

interiors 2016

The charm of the wood is one of those things that no one can resist, especially when it deals with design and furniture. That’s the reason why  we’d  wanted to celebrate this wonderful material with a publication that can gather peculiar  images which inspire the daily work of those in the know.

This led to our Interiors Book, which gathers in a rich and refined volume more than a year of work. Nothing was left to chance, from the selection of images ranging from the latest trends in design, elegance,  and timeless tradition up to the choice of printing it on a nice to the touch paper, which recalls the natural look of wood and the beauty of caressing parquet.

Interiors 2016, therefore, has taken on a new look, minimalist, elegant and refined, to make sure that the images contained therein, details of wood and our 100% Made in Italy production can express themselves. The aim of this fine volume, in fact, is to overcome the traditional concept of the catalog to give life to a volume that is a real collection of values
​​able to drag those who browse it directly inside the Garbelotto world; a world careful to  design and attention to details.

Our references are clearly the  internal images, selected with extreme care to excite the reader and to tell the best Garbelotto realizations of hotels, homes and public places all over the world.

In our Interiors Book, we have chosen to tell through images of elegant and refined settings all the values
​​that guide our daily work, starting from respect for the raw material, wood, full of charm and unparalleled quality. What emerges is the elegance of a material that can adapt to any situation and to any stylistic choice, with the ability to customize it in a thousand ways, creating wooden floors every time unique and different from each other, because it is sewn to those who have chosen it as a haute couture dress.
In the new Interiors we put all our love for innovation and for the territory that has seen  us become the company we are today, along with the passion for wood and for work that is handed down from father to son, since four generations. Our family and respect for people are and will continue to be the values
​​on which our corporate decisions are based on  and the guarantee of products born from passion. That’s how we were born and that’s how we want to keep on living.

The Oficina series projects: the new flooring of unique shades

18 February


The Progetti Line has been enriched and it has been created a new set of completely new floors and the result of carefully researched design. Hence, the Oficina series, featuring an innovative mineralizing treatment that reacts each time in a different way with wood, creates colors and shades that make every single board of a kind and different from each other, getting an actual floor with an inimitable installation.

The series consists of six wooden floor colours that bear the name of the race numbers of some of the most important Italian and international motorcyclists.

To motorcycling fans, in fact, the model Oficina 33 cannot help but bringing to mind Marco Melandri, the model Oficina 58 that of the great Marco Simoncelli, Oficina 46 to Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi for Oficina 65 and Oficina 99 the number of world champion Jorge Lorenzo. 42, however, is the number with which Marco Garbelotto raced, demonstrating how the passion for two wheel world is deeply rooted in the family who runs the company.

All models of the Oficina series are made of oak boards in rustic selection, brushed and painted water wax effect; they can be supplied in different length (from 800 to 2400 mm) and width (90 to 200mm).

These brand new floors, recently entered to be part of the already wide range of Garbelotto parquet, are perfect for those people who love vintage style or industrial furniture, they’re able to give life to sophisticated and modern interiors, which make extensive use of gray scales and of lived finishes. Oficina series has already had its international debut at Cersaie in Bologna and then at Domotex Hannover, both events in which they had a huge success.