Boiserie Projects


Wood is a noble material that can add warmth to any environment. On the other hand, using it only for the floor can sometimes be very limiting. The lines Garbelotto and Master Floor, in fact, happen to be suitable to cover different types of surfaces, such as walls and ceilings as well. In France, for example, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in fact, wood was considered one of the most popular materials for boiserie constructions, which still decorate the most important buildings.

Boiseries are decorations that provide wall coverage with wood paneling. Even today, they enriched environments turning walls into actual design elements that give a stylish sense of continuity between wooden floors and surfaces that surround them.

Master Floor and wall panels Garbelotto are made with the same floor finishing to create a great impact environment, thanks to the endless combinations of colors, treatments and finishing that our lines enable.

The wide variety available will make the choice of flooring and paneling of a stimulating creative exercise with refined and innovative accents that add to any room. The ability to play with various wood surfaces and flooring will multiply the scenic effect in every room. And, why not, even outside.

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